• Cali and the country might end up doing another quarantine = /


    I was barely planning to start living my life again and here we go again with some Sci-Fi Plot to B Movie...I mean seriously.

    Virus taken from a Chinese Bat gets brought to a Biological Lab in China where it somehow escapes and appears in a "Wet Market" where they trade in exotic animal meats to eat and through the wonder of modern travel the virus escapes to the world killing a bunch, causing illness in a bunch and affecting all of us...Sounds like a ridiculous plot to a Nicolas Cage Movie:

    So during the boring month I cut all my bills off...I figure that I'll concentrate and pay off my SUV then, hopefully save some money and see where the wind takes me soon enough.

    I need to have an adventure soon...Otherwise I'm going to explode.

    Everything is so boring as of late...Must be good but run a little wild too.

    : /


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