Rarely Happens But I'm Sad

  • This weekend was a complete bust.

    I tend to be pretty optimistic about things, but this one got me in the gut...Which maybe a good thing because hopefully in a day or two I'll get some fire in my belly.

    The stand I put up had dismal sales...I sort of calculated that in my head so I was okay with that...I know starting something from scratch often takes time more than anything.

    But what got me was my awesome, fun, sweet date that went nowhere...On the other hand that's why I tend to not date single moms...Having kids in the mix sinks many things.

    I don't mind kids, but when you're starting things off you can't go from single to suddenly you have a girl and kids.

    She liked me, but since I'm not all gung ho kids she figured we wouldn't match long term and I understand...You have to shoot for the long term.

    Just it seemed like such a waste, when we had so much fun.

    We ate, drank and laughed for 2 1/2 hours at the restaurant and I thought I found someone to share things with...We never ran out of conversation or laughter so everything seemed good.

    But in the end it's either there or it's not.

    Oh well...I know in my brain that I'll find someone soon.

    But it's emotionally that I feel let down.

    Not writing this post for props or pick me up comments...I'll be fine just stating that for this second in time I feel the melancholy sadness.

    I know if I keep pushing with the other it should turn a profit and I know just like with my previous GF when I least expect it I'll click with someone out of the blue and be fine...Just today I'm going to let myself be sad and out of my system.

    The few times I get sad...I'm mopey...Then angry at myself for being mopey...Then I get a burst of energy and charge back into it to push myself.

    So this weekend may have sucked, but next weekend will be better.

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