Back in the Black =)

  • Figured out why I was feeling like some idiot teen =)

    I was cycling some precursors that push my Test Levels...When you cycle it out it can drop your drive and inner strength and affect Endorphin Production.

    For men it can mean the difference between feeling strong with drive and determination or being mopey.

    So started back on my precursors yesterday and not back at 100% yet...But in 2-3 days I'll be back to fast, strong, lucky and happy.

    All men's personalities are honestly based on 2 things:

    How much testosterone and endorphins you produce...If you're missing either you're fucked.

    By the way, check out how close the chemical structures between morphine and endorphins are...No wonder the addiction rate is bad...I never knew that it was that similar.

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