The Fun Begins! Election Day 2020 Approaches!

  • Let's set up the bets and arguments besides being either of these people:


    Or screaming about babies in cages...I mean where else are you going to put babies in?

    Or cursing him out for French Kissing Chris Christie and giving him Covid:

    I say he's going to win because the BLM and Antifa has spooked the suburbs AND THEIR POLLING IS SKEWED BEYOND THE NORM.

    Their polls will be off beyond the 3% Error Rate...Then they'll act like they have no idea why...And like they supposedly fixed their BS lies from 2016 where 94% of the media got it wrong.

    It's the Elites who control the DNC and the Media trying to manipulate the election but I see it as Trump 324 Biden 214...With the possibility that he flips Minnesota and Nevada.

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