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I'm In Limbo


    1. An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.
      "The fate of the Contras is now in limbo"
      oblivion · void · nonexistence · neither heaven nor hell
      That's where I'm at...The food, drink, women, fun, days, work, even sex is fine...But nothing sticks out.
      Nothing for me to hold on to and say "My God I LOVED this, that, HER!"
      Nothing for me to say "That was fucking AMAZING!"
      I'm just floating...A never ending:
      Where I go to work, laugh, talk to my partners, eat, sleep, go out, goof around and look for something I'm missing.
      I'm not love sick, depressed, angry, bitter I feel STUCK...Like I won't be able to shake this off till I find my niche...I'm missing something and I'm not even sure it's a relationship component.
      Could it be religion or a spiritual pull?
      Could it be a push to make a business happen and retire?
      Could it be to find a woman that I click with and match?
      Could it be to rebuild my body and start training again?
      I'm not even sure...All I know is SOMETHING is missing.
      It's like running a motor and only being able to get to 70% of what you can...It's not bad but it's also not good...It just is.
      At this point I'm waiting to be passionate about something...Not even a love thing...Just something to wake me up and make goals about.
      Does anyone else feel like this?

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