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Prepare for the "Covid Danse Macabre"

  • So everything is patterns...No matter how much some people think things don't happen as expected they do.

    Soooooo I as a whole have never been too spooked by Covid...Others have to the point their kids are full of anxiety...People are afraid of losing their jobs...Marriages are collapsing...Abuse, suicide, drug use, alcohol use, clinical depression and even child molestation are waaaaaay up due to these useless Quarantines.

    All for something that only kills about 15% of 1%...A miniscule amount.

    But sooner or later you can't hold people down anymore like they are in Germany, Spain, Australia or even in the US in states like New York or California.

    Sooner or later it's all "Fuck you!  You're not taking away any of my freedoms anymore!"

    That time is coming!  I can feel it...The rumbles even among the democrats and people who were all gung-ho to lock everything down is waning...Even they are getting to understand that it's all bullshit.

    So let's look at the deaths per day right now...Lately there's been a spike in Covid deaths to about 1,700 per day!!!

    OMG!  OMG! The world is going to end!!!

    No...Even before Covid:

    "According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the US approximately every 12 seconds."

    Now due to Covid and the lockdowns the amount dying is pretty much the same...THERE IS NO SPIKE IN TOTAL DEATHS IN THE US.

    Soon people won't care if people die...You are literally destroying people's empathy.

    I have none...Live or die, but fuck you if you try to take my freedom.

    People are starting to change and once they become less empathic they're not going to go back.

    Then we'll be like the survivors of the Black Plague...Orgies, drugs, alcohol and Nihilism...I can't wait!  =)

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