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  • I am oddly calm.

    I figured with all the shenanigans going on in my country whether you believe that the election was a bit scammed or whether you believe that the Dems are overdoing it with the Lockdowns and Quarantines and how it's the "END OF THE WORLD!!!"

    I kind of shut myself off emotionally.

    I was sad about Trump losing or being cheated on several states that did some rather odds things on Election Night.

    But after that I felt kind of calm.

    I figure the Left would take all power and control the government and now they're talking about expanding the SCOTUS so that they have the majority.

    Is there anything I can do?  No.

    Did the American Public let this happen?  Fuck yes.

    So let everything happen...Let them knock down the wall...Let the illegals stream in...Let the Red Hat people move to Red States and the Blue States simmer and ferment just like they ruined Cali, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Washington.

    There's no way around it...Has to happen for people to wake up.

    Once things get crazy shitty, milk $4-$5 bucks...Loaf of bread $4-$5...Gas at $4-$5 etc and cuts start happening to K-12...Quarantines that happen at a drop of a hat and never end...More censorship etc.

    Then things will change.

    I don't blame Dems for being Dems...I blame the Voter if they think restitutions, censoring, more freebies for people who have never worked, medicare for all based on me giving up my personal medical insurance or subsidizing it by having my policy raised to pay for others.

    They let it get to this point.

    The Dems have never really hid who they are or what they are about...You elected them in or let them cheat their way in?

    Fine...Now deal with the situation.

    The only good and bad thing is most of the dead and murdered and future arrests will be them.

    The bad thing is when shit gets so bad in Blue Cities and States they leave for Red States and infect those states.

    Look too see where all the crime hot spots are, where the worst education system is at, where health and life expectancy is the lowest, where covid is ravaging the population due to their obesity and diabetes not by THE PERCETAGE but by THE ACTUAL NUMBER and you'll see a pattern.

    So they have all the power, let the people see what's in control now.

    Let the Poverty, Crime and Inflation begin! 


    LOL here's what Echo Park looks like now:

    Don't forget to give drug addicts money, hotels, food and free syringes:

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