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Dear Governor Newsome...Suck my @$#%

  • Dude sets a State Lockdown...I go out more.

    Dude sets a State Quarantine...I go there.

    Dude tries to shut down businesses and restaurants...I go out more to the restaurants still open against his rules.

    Dude demands we follow curfew...I ignore it and go out more AFTER CURFEW.

    Dude demands we not drive more than 120 miles from home...LOL guess what I'm about to do?  You guessed it.

    Fuck that dude.

    I'm just waiting for them to make vaccine MANDATORY...You guys have ZERO IDEA how much they're pushing it at my workplace...It's INSANE!

    Every day there are no less than a DOZEN emails asking, demanding, cajoling people to take the vaccines...I hear in some places they're raffling gifts and prizes to take it.

    Fuck your vaccine and fuck you...I'm not taking it.

    If the time comes that it's mandatory for travel I'll reassess or do something Noodlelish to get out of it...But for now that's a hard "NO!"

    By the way the MAIN PEOPLE GIVING THE SHOT AT MY WORKPLACE...The actual MAIN Health Care RN told my partner that she wasn't going to take it and neither had anyone in her crew WHO WERE GIVING THE VACCINE.

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