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Covid Censorship

  • The true worth of anything is the ability not only to defend it versus other ideas but to prove it.

    As of late any idea not in conjunction with Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Business, the Tech Industry is being buried.

    Say something against THE VACCINE...Not vaccines...Don't confuse it.

    No one is saying all vaccines are bad...Just this one seems really odd.

    And your Youtube Channel is gone...Your FB is blocked from viewing...Your Twitter Account is suspended...You're video or tweet is blocked, erased etc.

    Happening all over.

    Was looking for information on the Covid Vaccine and can only find scrubbed info...Telling me I'm paranoid for NOT believing Big Pharma.

    I mean sure year after year they get caught lying, hiding info, getting sued for BILLIONS after being found guilty, but why not trust them now right?

    Now let's say the risks they're hiding are minor...Okay.

    I was reading how the vaccine works...Basically this is what I got...That it isn't changing your DNA..."Rather than changing DNA, these vaccines are designed to deliver the instructions for proteins to recreate an immune response to COVID-19 using the genes of the virus." 

    Oh you mean changing the DNA Sequence in the body to fight the virus...But HOW?

    By blocking ACE receptors that the virus uses to bind with body...Sounds TOTALLY COOL.

    Here's my issue with it at least on my part.

    At 49, lean, non-diabetic, no hypertension or immune deficiency I'm literally in the 99.8% rate of surviving Covid even if I catch it.

    By blocking these receptors for something I may not catch and that I would have been sure I would survive what were those receptors for in the first place?

    You're changing your DNA to block these receptors, but what were they for?

    Are we going to find out in 10 years that there will be a die off due to lack of being able to absorb Zinc?  Or D3?  Or something completely necessary?

    The body doesn't make mistakes...WE HUMANS DO...If there were receptors they were meant for something...Blocking them will surely end up fucking a percentage of the population and maybe even being passed down to other generations.

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