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US = Totalitarian Oligarchy

  • Well we did pretty good...Ran a good country for 244 years without any dictatorship.

    Pretty much ran well most of the time...But America's time on the stage has passed.

    We are entering a weird Tech Pluto Totalitarian Era.

    Tech because the social medias and means of communication are now controlled...Can't put out a video, a film, a book, a tweet or an article without the risk of being shadow banned, cancelled, erased or blocked.

    If the population doesn't know what's happening then those on top get to make up the story of what is happening.

    Pluto being what the Biden Administration is...Look at who is running the government now hundreds of ex-Obama people and literally 4-5 dozen LOBBYISTS at the top of the line.

    Trump gets us out of wars, crime down nationwide till 2020, poverty rates improved till 2020, cuts illegal immigration down to 22% of what it was?

    Get ready for proxy wars, illegals aliens, poverty, crime, worse education and asylum to idiots who are leeches.

    Crime and murder are up 18%-26% in most major cities...Illegals are ready to stream back in and the guys who make bombs and start wars are ready to get us back into stupid wars in places we shouldn't be.

    Only thing that is slightly satisfying is??????????

    Almost all the crime, murder, drugs, illegal aliens and poverty are concentrated in Blue Cities and Blue States.

    Not saying there aren't Red Areas that are fucked but the worst of the worst has a pattern.

    Worst schools, gang activity, drug use, poverty, crime and a low level of life?

    You already know the cities...Each state has it's garbage area and we all know what areas those are.

    They try to blame racism or some bullshit ideology instead of trying to understand why THEY SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES.

    Here's a pic of the backside of some LA Street I believe:

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