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So Another Friend Died

  • Just got notification that a partner of mine just died at the hospital...Dude had caught double pneumonia with covid and that was a wrap.

    Loved the sense of humor on the guy...Great guy...RIP.

    I do remember his mother dying a few years ago and as he was going through the list of illness she had I was shocked...His family genes were hereditary bad...Dude would be sweating a storm in the middle of winter due to his High Blood Pressure.

    Many of my partners are prime candidates to catching covid and dying from it.

    Obese, high blood pressure, terrible diets, lack of exercise all the Perfect Storm:

    His death has caused a ripple effect in people at work, starting to try to get healthier.

    It's fucking sad that it has to come to that to wake up...Not saying I couldn't catch it or even get sick from it.

    But I'm neither scared, nor have I hid from it...But I also am religious about keeping my immune system strong.

    We literally live in a Science Fiction Movie.

    World wide viruses, destruction of a whole continent by firestorm, brewing civil war, Holy Wars still being fought, Totalitarian Dictatorships that mimic 1984 springing up etc.

    Those who wait to prep for the bad times are usually the first ones to suffer.


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