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Guess Who's a Tad Hurt?

  • Mostly ego though 

    So had an alarm at work today, thought nothing of it as 95% of the alarms at my joint are false, minor or medical.

    Jog in and DAMN! I see 2 inmates fighting and one appearing to be stabbing the other.

    I get "Tunnel Vision" focus on the incident and start yelling at the floor officer to spray them with OC Pepper Spray.

    (Little did I know he had used his entire can and had none left)

    I pull out mine and am reading to deploy it and as I step forward about 20 feet from them I see my foot go flying up.

    I'm thinking "Oh shit...Pepper spray...This is going to hurt."

    And yep...That shit on a smooth floor is like putting baby oil on glass.

    Then BAM I landed on my head and back...HARD.

    Like I heard my partners who were behind me gasp.

    I sprung back up...Cuffed one dude and helped pull up the other, took evidence photos, took the weapon, took the bloody clothing and processed it all into evidence...Typed up my report etc and now?

    I feel like I was shanked in the left shoulder blade.  : /

    We'll see how I wake up tomorrow. 

    Moral of the story?  Don't get Tunnel Vision.

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