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Quick Noodles Story

  • So been talking to some chick for a few days...Met on an app of course...Was getting ready to meet this week and she mentioned she was waiting on the 2nd round of vaccines and asked me if I had took them.

    Now I know my views are to the right of most people so I just played it off and said no...That I wasn't very interested in it because I've been exposed hundreds of times and been fine so far.

    Didn't go into my weird conspiracy theories etc...Just a basic "Not my thing."

    Chick lost her mind...Started ranting about how "500,000 HEALTHY YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE DIED!!!"

    I sighed...That's 100% bullshit.

    Almost all all are about 70 or older with multiple SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES.

    I mentioned that to her and she yelled at me and ranted about how "NO THEY WERE ALL YOUNG AND HEALTHY!!!"

    Nah the chick was either stupid or crazy...That's 100% wrong but not going to argue...So we said our good byes and I wished her well.

    Worst part?

    She was a teacher with a Master's Degree from Stanford...Yet she was soooooooooooo wrong about everything and was mad they were making them go back to teaching live not on their ZOOM.

    I can't wait to get out of Cali

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