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Things Seem To Be

  • Stabilizing and getting back to semi-normal while at the same time underneath the foundation of law & order, wages, cost of living, freedom of speech, religious freedom seem to be drowning.

    As I start to focus on trips, concerts, movie theaters opening up, sports etc we're getting lost in the old motto of giving the Idiotic Masses Bread and Circuses not life.

    Give up your gun rights?

    Give up teaching your child your culture if you're not a minority?

    Give up going to church because cOvId but not at sporting events, stores and "SJW" demonstrations?

    Give up pride in being American or being in the military because of rAcIsM?

    Give up studying hard, using the Scientific Method, striving, being on time, respecting authority because "That's what White People Do?"

    Then you're going to love the next 4 years of lbgqtadronxvzsc and black lives matter push EVERYWHERE.

    Double points if you're a black tranny...In a wheelchair...With Native blood...Who's dyslexic.

    The masses have won and the Republic will sink when there's not enough bread.


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