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  • Appears that I am seeing some School Principal...The lady is lovely and posh and Noodles is NOT.

    I figured since she just got divorced after a 26 year old marriage she's crossing things off her list.

    Mess with a slightly grumpy Punk Hispanic dude with bad tats?  

    So I have to go to her friend's party tomorrow which seems odd in meeting her people on the second date...But it'll be fun...Noodles among school administrators, teachers and superintendent.

    She's cute and very sweet but (Being completely honest here)...I have ZERO idea why she wants to see me, we literally have nothing in common.

    Am I like some dude she used to like back in 1991?  His name probably was like Jose, Jorge or Gustavo?

    But fuck it...We'll have a nice time and we'll see how it goes.  

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