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#5-#6 of 10 of Common Vampirefreak Regulars

  • So as I had left GothicMatch and rediscovered Vampire freaks I became fascinated by all the super weird character on there...It was a Secret Nerd Kingdom all to itself and that's where I started to notice:

    The Sweet Chubby Midwest

    Goth Girl

    They all had the same story...Lived in Bumfuck Iowa or something...Population less than 5,000 and they were like the only alternative person in town and the black sheep.

    Where all the "Preppies" and "Jocks" would pick on them annnnnnnd their mothers were always fighting with them and their grandmas all thought  they worshipped Satan because they listened to Marilyn Manson and loved Serial Killers etc.

    It was like a premade formula...But they were always very sweet so not putting them down just that all their stories were too alike to a Netflix Teen Pop Series.

    Oh and all the Chubby Goth Girls were in RolePlaying Cults writing erotic porn about werewolves and vampires fucking...Once on a goof I joined one of the clubs and tried to get them to do a storyline about a Sponge under the sea who was in love with a squirrel and who got to fuck her while his pal Patrick watched from a closet with a ball gag in his mouth.

    I was quickly kicked out.  Racists  >=(

    They were usually followed and madly loved by?

    The White Knights

    Now let me first say there's nothing wrong with liking women from afar or being like super nice but it was almost too nice...All those guys made me a little sad to be honest.

    They weren't assholes and they tried but their social skills were terrible at reading a room...Just like me...Except I usually get away with a bunch of bullshit in real life and I don't really know why.

    Anyways, was actually shocked that a bunch of the White Knights I saw for years there on VF aren't here...EXCEPT for one.

    Although I'm sure there's more, but they weren't real regulars...They were just members who joined and hit the chat rooms or made a comment here and there.

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