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  • Just came back from a Fancy Nancy Dinner with a bunch of friends...As we sat there one of my pals drank and drank and drank with his ridiculously beautiful GF.

    He got mopey and sour...She got naggy as fuck, so be fore you knew it they were arguing loudly at the dinner table, outside and in the parking lot.

    Weird thing is my pal is super cool but as soon as he gets drunk he gets all melancholy...Might be some flashbacks as he and his family escaped out of Vietnam after the fall and his girl is just fucking ridiculous literally gives Bai Ling from the Crow a run for her money:

    But she starts to nag him over and over when he gets all quiet which makes him act weirder and her demanding to supposedly help him actually causes more issues.

    Like when you're irritated and someone keeps asking you "Are you okay?  Are you sure?  You seem mad."  So by the end, you end up super irritated.

    Which coincides with what I've always said decades BEFORE Neil Harris said it:

    That the hotter the girl the crazier they are...Fuck that dude...I had come up with that mathematical formula while he was still doing Doogie Howser!


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