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  • Was called over to a building because one of the inmates was being abusive...Get there and dude is sitting down refusing to go back to his cell.

    Was probably some homeless mother fucker on the streets...Although he's still good size about 5'9" but a stocky 210lb.

    I ask...I ask again...I ask a 3rd time...I start getting ready for whatever is going to happen next.

    He then gets loud and calls my partner a "Fucking asshole" who was actually the nice guy in the scenario...But my partner is short so the inmate focuses on those he thinks he can intimidate.

    I pull out my cuffs and tell him he goes in or I'm going to grab him, dump him, cuff him and drag him back to the cell...But I use slightly saltier words than that.

    I take a step forward, he slams his coffee cup and storms into his cell...I close the door.

    All the medical staff and floor officer were very happy and grateful.

    He then starts yelling about how "It's bullshit!"

    LOL...What a bitch.

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