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So Years Ago

  • I believed that something bad was going to happen to the US economy and it did but not as bad as I thought.

    So before it got bad I got glasses, hit the gym, hit the chiropractor, got all my dental stuff done (Non-Fluoride Fillings, Crowns, Root Canals), bought weapons, ammo, food and medical supplies etc etc.

    Right now, I think Biden is literally going to crash the economy...The more he gives away, the less money is worth, the more things go up in price.

    Money becomes worthless, wages don't keep up with costs and then crime, violence and breakdown of society starts.

    Can't say "Mother"...Can't assume a woman can't have a penis or balls...Can't say that a nuclear family is a good thing, or being religious is nice, can't be proud to be European or white, can't assume that being on time, working hard, studying, math isn't "White Supremacy."

    Black is white and white is black, up is down and down is up.

    Will it all collapse right now?  No.

    They'll prop some slanted news and people will believe for awhile till they can no longer fool themselves...When the wolf is at the door.

    When food is up 30%, gas is at $3.50 nationwide, when unemployment is rampant as riots and demonstrations are all over for various stupid reasons.

    Where Mr. Potatohead is seen as a symbol of oppression as is Paw Patrol and the evil of the Music of Mozart and the Literature of Shakespeare is seen as racist.

    Oh wait...That's already happened.

    So getting my eyes done, prepping my precursors, taking care of all teeth and physical ailments, raring to hit he gym and get fast and cut, getting rid of everything but necessities and sadly planning to leave my country to somewhere where traditions such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter aren't seen as bad but celebrated with happiness.

    I might be a little paranoid...But in this era where they're talking about Green Passports to travel or do the basics of life am I really being paranoid?

    I just saw a lesbian actress who was full anti-Trump get called names as the attempt to censor her because she won't put her pronouns by the Loving Left.

    I don't feel sorry for her...She was doing the same to others...But means the Left is now eating each other and that's a whole Robespierre Thing about to happen sooner or later in the blue States.


    Washington, NY, Oregon, Cali already let mobs control the streets at times with no repercussions...Why wait?

    I'd end up doing something realllllllllly bad or getting killed doing something really bad.

    Time to prep and go.