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Starting To See It

  • Did the Lasik yesterday...Woke up this morning excited to see a brand new world!


    But that shit wasn't very impressive...I could read without straining my eyes but it was just a SLIGHT difference.

    I grumpily went to my check up...Doctor told me to give it 2 weeks and every day it would get stronger and better.

    I was thinking "Whatever bitch...That's your fall back statement."

    Reason I was so hyped they all had said I would see a HUGE difference the next day.

    I was ready to accept that it wouldn't do much for me but slightly improve my sight and that I wasted a bunch of money that I could have spent on midgets and cocaine and more sexy midgets.

    But now since about 7pm all colors have been very vibrant...Detail is coming out.

    I figure this must be what things look like on Acid or Mushrooms...Blues are blue, greens are green everything is colorful.

    I'm hoping that little by little my eyes get to a point that I'm so happy and amazed I take a day off and just sit somewhere and enjoy just watching the sky or looking at birds etc.

    I'm back to feeling excited.

    The midgets can wait for now.