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The Noodles Witching Hour

  • Every night after 12...I get the Munchies.


    I don't even smoke pot!  But I get so hungry for terrrrrrrrrible junk food...Which sadly enough is within a stone's throw from me.

    I literally have 26 food places next to me including an In & Out Burger, a Taco Bell, a Mc Donald's and a Carl's Junior which all stay up 24 hours or at least till 1am.

    So I drink a big glass of water, but let me tell you something...A glass of water does NOT taste like a Big Mac and Fries or a Big Carl.

    This Big Carl:

    Not to be confused with this Big Carl:

    Although truth be told I would give my life for Carl...Cus he doesn't need any instructions on how to rock for da ladies.


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