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  • I have always been stable except for maybe 2 years in my 20's when I was just stupid and wild.

    But I have my Father's Genes and he was as Stoic and straightforward as any man I've even met.

    Shot, stabbed, murder scenes, happy scenes, love, hate, ups and downs you just keep going forward making everyday a little better than the last.

    There will be bouts of sadness, a death of a loved one, illness or hurt but ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD.

    Even if you don't feel it...Keep the feet moving and things will improve.

    It's only when you give up, stop trying or lay down and wait to die that shit goes bad.

    I see it among my friends and family and I don't understand the negative way of thinking...I understand that it might be due to upbringing or chemical/hormones but I just don't GET IT.

    Not a genius by any means...But I rarely have bad days and when I do I get over them quickly because you can't internalize the darkness without letting it take over.

    Push Forward.

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