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Blew My Mind

  • So was reading about all these people who had a terrible 2020 because of Coivd...Be it the loss of employment, divorce, poverty or inability to travel or live a normal life then someone mentioned:

    "What if 2020 wasn't your worst year even?"

    Which blew me away:

    If you REALLY THINK ABOUT IT...That first time you got your heart broken was actually the worst year of your life.

    Like if you caught the love of your life was cheating on you or if your mom or dad died etc...That's actual loss that hurts your soul.

    2020 was a minor inconvenience, but many of us made due or like me just ignored the Quarantines, Lockdowns and Curfews.

    Only thing that hurt me was the loss of movie theaters, shows/concerts and going to a bar here and there...But I made up for it in other ways.

    But be honest...Was 2020 the worst year for you or was there one in particular that was terrible?

    For me was one I had in 1992 and I literally lived a Jerry Springer Episode of drugs, strippers, heartache and hard personal growth.

    But won't lie that year I was DEVESTATED till I was able to pick myself up...In comparison 2020 was this:




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