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Are You Ready?

  • As this BULLSHIT Covid Restrictions start coming up with Green Passports to travel or even go to the store bar or restaurants etc are you ready?

    With the economy crashing, businesses closing and prices of things and rent going up are you ready?

    Not for war or even to become some sort of underground rebel...That shit doesn't exist in a world where everything is trackable.

    I think in 5-10 years we're looking at some sort of Dystopian World in the West

    You wanted to live in Blade Runner and be a Cyber Punk?  Well get ready because that shit will be real.

    Sex dolls, synthetic drugs, body hacking, poverty, weird gangs...It's coming.

    I am noticing how generations where the new ones will be worse off than the last generation.

    Last generation to be well educated, decently well off, healthy and moving was Generation X...The rest have been taking a step back every year.

    Financially, physically, spiritually, mentally and yes even sexually.

    A country where you're supposed to pretend that a dude with a beard and penis is somehow a woman or that being manly and liking man stuff is somehow toxic...Where math is racist and studying hard and being on time is seen as bad because you make people who don't do well on tests feel bad for not getting good test scores. 

    A country where this is actually seen as something healthy to expose small children to in Public libraries and that if I say "That's motherfucking fucking weird" I'm suddenly a Mean Old Bad Noodles:

    Soooooooooo fuck it...It's coming and no way to stop it.

    You can hide out in bumfuck Iowa for awhile but soon it'll infect your school district or be MANDATORY at your university such as it appears to have already affected the UK, the EU and even Oz public schools:

    Male students at Bauer College, a public school in Australia that serves grades seven to 12, were required to stand during a recent assembly and apologize to female classmates "for the behaviors of their gender that have hurt or offended girls and women."

    So are you ready to downsize?

    To just live in the moment?

    To enjoy simple pleasures as we all become cogs in the machine?

    Ready to be told that you can't live here or there and that if you want housing that it'll have to be something out of a Hong Kong Slum?

    If you think this shit isn't coming...Then you haven't been paying attention...Not today, not tomorrow but in my lifetime this will be a norm for the working poor in the major cities:

    And the best way to keep young people stupid, dull, fat and with no drive?

    Are you prepping?  Do you see it coming?  Do you care?

    On Nihilistic sites like this we all pretend not to care, but when the wolf is at the door you will change your mind...You'll look around and see what the world is and remember what it was and then you'll get scared but by then it'll be too late.

    Prep while you can



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