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I Recently Join Reddit

  • You know for shits and giggles.

    Do some arguing, trolling, teasing and actual discussion.

    UFOs, Covid, Illuminati, Politics etc.




    Those gafs will delete, block or suspend you for anything...ANYTHING.

    I don't curse at people online...Like you'll never see me call someone an Asshole, Bitch, Idiot etc etc during a discussion

    It's a battle of wit not a curse off.

    I tried to make my comments involve links to reputable sources, but I kept getting deleted because I'm Anti-Vax or Pro Trump or Anti-BLM/Antifa.

    They just wanted an Echo Chamber...Like FB/Twitter even fucking Imgur.



    I deleted my profile...Big loss for them I'm sure, but this is what I imagine they look like:

    Where will a gentle sweet Noodles be allowed to post his hateful rants???


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