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  • Talked to a friend a day ago...Great guy...Incredibly talented...Has done very well for himself and has a bunch of shit checked off.

    Money, retirement, house, savings, investments etc.

    But while he chased the money he never took care of himself as he got older.

    Now at 62 he's fat and aged...I mean I'm not too far off myself but he let himself go.

    So he has all these things but no one to share it with...He was supposed to go with us to a Bachelor Party down in TJ.

    You know the number #1 city in the world for murders and cartel violence:

    but excellent tacos and possibly women of ill repute:

    Man just thinking about my taco place down there makes me teary eye...There's tacos and then there's MOTHERFUCKING TACOS.

    You can pay a little extra and get something like this masterpiece:

    But dude is so down in the dumps he doesn't want to live life...It's all about Endorphins, Serotonin and T Levels.

    It's what makes men men...Low T Levels and you're this dude:

    Or this dude:

    I don't want my pal to spiral down to a depression...He's older so his generation thinks they have to tough it out.

    I think he needs to shake his life up before he's just another statistic.

    I'll talk to him see if I can cheer him up.

    And no I'm not saying my friend needs a hooker, alcohol and tacos!!!

    But that shit wouldn't hurt.

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