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I Am 100% Lost

  • As I watch two different groups arguing I have no idea who is the Good Guy and who is the Bad Guy or if it's really just two Bad Guys:

    One side accuses the other of Doxxing but keeps talking about it and the other side trying to get a reaction off the first one.

    Besides the usual

    But the truth is among all the arguments it's a throwback to the old drama on VF...Where the cliques would squabble with each other.

    Super Elder Snotty Goths Vs. Anyone they didn't see as Goth

    Angry European Metal Heads Vs. Anyone who didn't like Heavy Metal

    Lonely Chicks on the Role play Cults Vs. Themselves

    Cam Whores Vs Prudes

    Incels Vs Women

    Beauty and fashion nerds Vs. Regular People

    Trolls Vs. The World

    HTML Profile Nerds Vs. Each other

    Cutters/Emos/Screamos and idiots who say "rawr"

    Noodles Vs. Sinister Apple JK!  Dat's my pal...I miss her =(

     I like that sort of Moxie...I'm hoping we get the old Weirdoes going through Mania...Some of the writing was AMAZZZZZZING!


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