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The Old Switcharoo

  • So I was told that if I didn't want to take the vax they would make exceptions...Religious and medical.

    I was told we would qualify...Then they hit me with "Yeah maybe, but the process will take maybe 90 days and in that time you won't be paid."

    Most people can't go 90 days without income...We all have bills, rent, families or responsibilities that are due.

    I know EXACTLY what they are doing...They are trying to squeeze the resisters out while milking away their hours.

    Knowing most will take a knee to feed their families...So my friends are panicking, but I'm over it.

    I don't want to work for a department that has that little respect for it's 38,000 employees...Actually if you count the Cal Fire/Parole Officers/Corrections/CHP and Troopers there's probably 70,000 who are very upset.

    Soooooooooo fuck em...In a few, days I'll quit and retire.

    I'll be fine, just wanted to work with my pals a little longer, save some cash and leave on my terms, but if they are going to be heavy handed then I'll still leave on my terms with a little less cash but I WILL GET BY.

    I think they get a kick out of watching people break...Some sort of power trip supposedly for "Our own good."

    Nah...Not going to take a knee.

    Plus I'll be a legend afterwards


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