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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Part II

  • A lot of terrible things have happened in about 30 days.

    Incredible Life Changing Things...But they have passed.

    Except one of course...That one will stay with me forever.

    But I am retired, I am clearing up many things that held me back, out with the old in with the new.

    Oddly enough, I am possibly in the best shape in the last 10 years or so...Covid shrunk me to nothing and I got very mad.

    I went from 213lbs to 191lbs in 6 days...I literally melted weight somehow.

    So soon as I could I began hitting the gym and since I had a flat belly and nothing hanging at all I quickly regained my size while staying 15lbs lighter than I originally was.

    I took my dogs for a walk and 1 got away and I chased her for a block full speed and then I realized I wasn't out of breath, wasn't tired, hacking etc.

    My lungs are back to almost normal.

    I have energy, I have drive and motivation...I was worried that being off this much would be too much for me and I'd be bored, but so far none of that has happened.

    I do want to volunteer at some Animal Shelter and see what I can do that involves me moving and doing things because I know that I'm not an introvert, nor do I want to be an introvert.

    I'm just in my time of mourning after a loss.

    However, ever since I got rid of the meds they were giving me and went on just D3, Amino Acids, Probiotics, B-12 I have felt 

    I just want for this part of my life to be over and to improve what I have.

    I want a Life Less Ordinary.

    Money means NOTHING...It's all about MEMORIES.

    It's the only thing you can take when your time comes.

    Obviously I'm talking Midget Whores and Yayo while Bad Bunny plays on the stereo.

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