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  • In the UK there recently is a a "Super Cold" that is smashing the population...From what I read it's a combo of a flu and a cold resulting in loss of taste and smell, body aches and pneumonia like symptoms.

    Also it appears to be hitting the "Vaxxed" more often than those who AREN'T Vaxxed.

    Yet because people don't test positive for Covid it's not blamed on Covid.

    Now what else could it be?

    What else could be spiking heart attacks and strokes in Scotland up 20% starting in January of this year or so?

    What could also be the spike in dead children under 1?  Also starting in January of this year?

    I expected ADE to get here in late January 2022 or February...But I think it's already here.

    To me in my simple minded Noodles way means SOME who are vaccinated might have lowered their immune system and are now susceptible to getting Covid or other illnesses since their defenses are low.

    *ADE = antibody-dependent enhancement