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In Tijuana

  • And not because I was deported either!   >=(

    Have a chance to get double citizenship to own land in Mexico...On the fly I booked a fight to San Diego and a studio for 6 days.

    Flew into San Diego...Got stuck after midnight in downtown where an army of CRAZY BLACK HOMELESS DUDES were walking around screaming and talking to themselves.

    I counted 13.

    All had that "Ex-Con" feel to them...Oddly no one bugged me and I seriously look like a White Skinhead right now.

    I was even wearing a bomber jacket...But everyone stayed in their lane.

    Caught a shuttle to the border at 2:00am...Crossed on foot with a 50lb bag on my back...Took a taxi and got to my studio apartment...It's nice.

    Woke up this morning felt like a gang of midgets, dressed as spacemen had beat my body with tiny baseball bats.


    Oh and I hit up my favorite Taco place and got 3 of these babies...WITH REAL GUCAMOLE and HAND MADE CORN TORTILLAS:  

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