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  • *Large intake of breath*
    Ok, repeat after me: ' RNA is not DNA'
    Good, and again, 'RNA IS NOT DNA'

    I was scrolling through reels on Instagram and came across an antivaxxer account. Why Instagram's algorithm thought it was a good idea to suggest it to me is beyond me as I am avidly pro-vaccine. The woman who runs the account was talking about how she tells people who give vaccines to 'fuck off' and then in other videos and pictures talks about how homeopathic remedies are much better. Ugh, fucking spare me, the stupidity of some people is astounding.

    One of her videos was talking about how 'herd immunity doesn't exist' and I swear that I rolled my eyes so hard that I nearly gave myself a headache. I don't usually comment but it was just too much. I asked what would happen to the poor children who were immunocompromised who couldn't have vaccines and her response was to call me 'ignorant' I asked her to please link me to the studies that she got her information from and she suddenly stopped responding, (which is unsurprising.)

    I was speaking to my Mother in Law today (who is a doctor) and she was telling me how parts of Germany, (her mother country) have large amounts of antivaxxers, which is somewhat horrifying. We started talking about antivaxxers and she told me all of the ridiculous reasons that she has heard and her rebuttals for every single one. We then talked about why people are trying to refuse the COVID vaccine and she just couldn't understand it. The common response seems to be, 'But I don't want it to change my DNA' which we also laughed about as RNA is not DNA and this vaccine is no different in how it works than many others. I suspect that people just try and latch onto a reason, any reason to just rebel for the sake of it and honestly, it's just a bit childish.

    If you are concerned about the vaccine then please please speak to a healthcare professional who has regular training and has regular reviews. If you are unable to then I strongly suggest that you consult the British Medical Journal, (BMJ) which is well regulated and scientifically accurate as it is backed by studies and trials.

    This article is particularly good-

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