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to be used and left

  • i'm a lit cigarette smoldering on the cold ground

    no one puts in enough effort to even snuff me out

    they get a taste of my poison and grow immune

    after so many hits, they find themselves bulletproof


    oh, the hands i've burnt by just trying to hold them

    they can't even have their palms read anymore

    ruin takes a certain amount of elegance 

    precision and power still led me to a parking lot floor


    i'm a library book with the bookmark still left in

    i find myself stuck in the past again

    my beloved reader, they only got so far

    the cover seemed interesting but the lines of text are just scars


    the abandonment is amplified by you stealing the memory

    of being read, even if it was for just a moment,

    just to place it in another book more worthy

    it's your burden now, with each new page you flip


    users and substance abusers

    they heal themselves through my agony

    and leave me gasping for my own cure

    just forever gathering the venom handed to me


    hoping to return the favor

    once someone gets invested enough

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