Brunch (3/25/17)


    I woke up with a raging emotional hangover this morning, my cheek plastered to the couch by tears and drool. After peeling myself off the leather, I envisioned driving over to a local fast food eatery, getting a greasy breakfast and letting my kid go crazy in the play gym. I was, however,  jonesing strong coffee and a stellar omelette (the kind of egg dish that you call a work of art and send compliments to the chef about), so I looked at various menus online: Denny's, Broken Yolk Cafe, IHOP, etc. None were entirely appealing, especially after looking at calories and fat; how the $%#*&! does a vegetable omelette have trans fat??? No, no, this would not do. I blared some reggaeton while washing the mountain of dishes and commenced to make a breakfast that I would not feel guilty about and actually enjoy. With the help of my three year old, this materialized:

    Organic vegetable omelette, gluten-free banana nut pancakes, organic hand-grated hash browns, organic broccoli sprouts, and organic strawberries. I went a little Paula Deen with the butter, but better the butter than the unhealthy margarine we would have consumed if we ate out. Overall, good food and a good day.