Worst character backstory ever

  • "— Out of the five hundred and thirty seven magicians from in the county, only four of them had made it to the final tournament. The others were not powerful enough and had been defeated, going back to where they came from. At best, they were disappointed. At worst, they were ridiculed. "I could have ruled this country", they thought. And some of them became even more infuriated when they heard the name of the winner.
    — Who was it ?
    — Isaac McAulay. The youngest of the four, for he was only fourteen years old. His mother was a seer known for claiming she was a princess of the ancient kingdom of Elusion. His father was the son of a dryad and of a man who had come from the Other World, a place where magic is scarce and where humans reign. And he was unusually powerful for his age, knowing things that had taken years for his peers to learn. The rightful king was an unusually gifted orphan. Of course, when someone is so outrageously perfect, everyone hates them, because it is "inhuman" to seemingly have no flaws.
    — Kinda like what happened to you ?
    — You could say that. History almost always repeats itself, even moreso within a family.
    — Wait... You...? Him...?
    — I'm his daughter. Officially, my siblings and I are dead, because my father went missing during a siege, after reigning for eight years. I was taken to the other side of the continent, in this land where magic is frowned upon. That's how I ended up in an insane asylum."