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The lovely Instagram Ethot ban.

  • So the gram has changed its TOS. A lot of people have a problem with it. Mainly ethots and their simp armies. Basically you cannot post any adult content, not even a link. You'll even get kicked off the site if you have an onlyfans link in your bio.

    Of course one of the reasons is because of the children. Because children are so innocent and must be protected at all costs! Like does anyone even remember what it was like to be a kid anymore? Children are not innocent, they act the same way adults and teenagers do. The only difference is they're smaller. Society really needs to stop coddling them for everything.

    Though I do greatly enjoy seeing all these ethots crying because they cannot post  pictures of their asses a 100 times a day. Oh no! The horror of it all! You'll actually have to develop some kind of talent, or that other thing people like called a personality.

    Even though they can just say they have an onlyfans and send out mass messages or just say their account name without posting a link. Or post a different link to a different page that has their onlyfans link on it. Really this isn't hard to work around at all. These stupid whores just spend all day posting some T&A so they never bothered learning any critical thinking skills.

    A stupid counter point I've seen to this update is to just add in more age restrictions. Yes because no one under the age of 18 has ever lied about their age right? Lol I'm 40 on my psn account because I was 13 when I created the thing. My real age is 26. So how am I 40 psn? You can punch anything into your date of birth when creating accounts for anything. So this wouldn't have any effect.

    I just don't have any sympathy for whores, I don't care if they make their living off of doing this shit. Fuck em. You rolled the dice when you decided to post. No one has complete job security and you shouldn't either just because you've got a little simp army following you around.

    They can always go to the ethot and simp friendly twitch. Before anyone like little Transylvania posts some comment white knighting for these people. Don't even bother. You're just wrong. These people are NOT content creators.

    Turning your ass and head toward a camera and taking a picture is not a talent. See there's a reason why people like me look down at these females.

    Being a ethot is the easiest thing in the world to do. Most men are thirsty pigs that shower women with compliments and money just for the small chance that female will be slightly nice to them.

    Meanwhile real content creators have to learn legit skills like video Editing and script writing. They have to have an entertaining persona. It takes them time to build up a fan base, and if they get censored it truly is something tragic.

    All these females did was bend over and press a button. That's not a skill. But you're welcome to go back to onlyfans and continue to pay for your favorite cookie cutter ethot though. Have fun wasting your money. ^_^

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