My yoga morning

  • creativity is so in.
    I'm in my garden.
    My haven.
    My Yoga morning therapy in my haven.

    Positive energy.
    The scent of wet earth crumbling on my hands. Old leaves, new growth.
    A flutter of birds, the buzz of bees, work being done. Spicy hyacinth, nodding buds, leaves unfurling.
    Fuzzy cat beeps a greeting.
    Warm greenhouse, trickling stream, wind in the palm.
    Weeds pulled, seeds planted, hopes sown.
    High grass needs mowing.
    Dandelions showing off.
    Projects waiting: rock garden, new beds, frame for strawberries.
    My passion, my playground, my haven.
    June, the time for joy...
    but not for all.
    If you are feeling the heavy energy right now or feeling unwell.
    Try creating your own fairy healing circle.

    How to :
    Find an area outside or near a window.
    You can visualise the following if you want to lay down.
    Put on some music that uplifts you.
    If you are visualising this, light a candle, lay down, listen to the sounds of nature.
    Prepare your altar.
    While the music plays, make a circle on the earth.
    Use candles, flowers, petals, biodegradable glitter, ribbons.
    Make an offering for the Fae.
    When you are done, switch off the music and step into your circle.
    Chant the following as you dance in your circle (throwing herbs, glitter, blowing bubbles as you go).
    "Fairy children come and play
    Brightest blessings to the fae
    Come and join me on this night
    Let's celebrate our earthly rite"
    Chant this and dance as long as you chose, feel the energy of since around you.
    Feel the breeze on your face, the smell of the summer, since everything around you.

    When you are done, lay own in your circle.
    Feel the gifts of the fae
    Let them fill you with love joy peace happiness.
    Lay here and breathe as long as you need, drop deep.
    When you are full.
    Open your eyes, thank the fae before you leave your circle.
    Gratitude \ud83d\ude4f\ud83d\udd4a
    Have a peaceful afternoon

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