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Every Morning

  • Every morning
    I’m mourning
    The crowd around
    I have been bound
    And chained
    By my mind lacking ease
    I deserve to Rest In Peace
    The vast abyss
    Kamikaze with such ease
    Bees are buzzing
    It’s a tease
    To look at graphite that’s beneath
    And I will grit my rotten teeth
    The nervous energy release
    I’m in defeat
    Un- planted feet
    And also cold
    So I’ve been told
    That I’m too bold
    Hold down the fort
    While I resort
    To my last demon
    Turn down the heat and
    Let it simmer
    Let it brew
    My spoiled stew
    The pooled emotions
    Made a potion
    A one too deadly to release
    It will create an epidemic
    To me those feelings were endemic
    Do all you can, prevent the panic
    To kosher everyone from pain
    I’m not the Batman, I am Bane
    The darkness raised me
    Heavy rain
    And heavy breathing
    It’s silent hill
    I’m tightly squeezing
    The torn out heart
    I’ve been apart
    Detached from home
    Ive traveled far
    And I am gone
    The skin is coming off the bone
    Cause I’ve been boiled
    Capacitor was tightly coiled
    In spiraled gyre
    Connect the wire
    The axons in my damaged brain
    I never caught that midnight train
    No one to blame
    But mine own ego
    Turn that shit up and make it bigger
    The hand already on the trigger
    The taste in mouth staying bitter
    Just like a critter
    In burrowed hole
    Is there a one I can console
    Just stop the blow
    fluorescent light
    I burn out slow
    Another round of shots
    And go

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