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Your basic title

  • So I wound up getting drafted for overtime on Tuesday. So it's an extra day at 10 hours. Well...I can use the money. Taresa's birthday is on the 18th and I wanna get her something nice.

    I should have a fat paycheck coming tomorrow. I'm hoping to pay off all my little debts that I've acquired over the past few months. Going from almost 3k a pay period to $1,200 has made it a bit tight. (Gigidy)

    I can't help but wonder what the world is coming to. I have a feeling we are going to have another terrorist attack sometime soon. Biden had pretty much opened the door for it to happen. Except this time I'm afraid it's gonna be bad. I've been trying to think ahead on things that I would need. Things for the family etc.

    I've gotta take my new gun back up to the gun store. It will fire even when the safety is on. I read that Walther recalled a bunch of these for that reason. It's a different caliber than anything else I have. It's a 380.

    I need to order the window crank for my Trans Am. I put in a new actuator and now I can get the window to actually move up and down.

    It seems this medication is making me lose interest in many things I once enjoyed. I just don't feel like putting much effort into my figures or guitar. Thing is maybe I'm depressed but can't tell because of the anti depressant.

    I think also having anything I was ever interested in be shamed by just about everyone has me re thinking it all. I don't know. I wish I had some male friends to maybe hang out with or something. I just don't trust anyone to let them get close to me. Sort of a moot point?

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