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  • I can't figure out why there are so many un happy people at my work. Most of them are well past the age to retire and what I have found out is that most of them are gamblers and they need the money to support the habit. For example Shannon O Bryan is almost 75. She can't retire because she would have to give up going to Praire Meadows.

    What tends to happen is that they're so bitter about their own life that they tend to lash out at the newer people like me. Granted I have almost 4 years in now. By Tone's standard I'm still a new employee.

    I've just got to a point now where I talk to no one. I don't bother to say hi to anyone in the halls. They literally will ignore you. Example: Joe Pedico. I don't bother with him. It's also why I sit alone at lunch and breaks. I leave 15 minutes after everyone else. People here are rude and do you wanna know why? The same reason a dog licks his balls....because he can. There isn't much in the way to stop it.

    It reminds me of growing up being the youngest. How much shit I got. The abuse and bullying I got in school. I thought for a time life would change but, it's not. It's just regressed back to this. No where I can go to make this kind of money either. I'm just stuck and there's nothing I can really do about it.