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i hate drugs and drug users and drug dealers.. i hate it all.

  • It really strikes a nerve when someone is telling me that theyre using drugs and such. It may be all walks of life and such. Ive had 24 friends die from drug use. It hurts me so damn badly. Its like what is you pain? I don’t know how to react to it. I may come off as belittling and mean cause I don’t know how to push their buttons to get the fucking message across to them and such. I may come off as a sweet heart or someone that cares way to fucking much. Im just so sad that so many people use drugs and such. Like seriously wtf is your pain?!

    Why do we even have evil drugs in this world?! I may seem like a straight edge nazi but ive been the addict myself. Theres nothing more than when I look at a spray can or something I want to huff it and such. Goes through my head every time I walk into a store or into a bathroom or something. It’s a haunting thing to always have to tell myself no too.

    Its such a nightmare, we as humans need to use things to escape reality and such. It hurts me a great deal that we all have this sort of pain that lies within us that we need to feel numb high or drugged up or drunk or something.

    I mean ive been there I know theres nothing like smoking a woo banger and such. Trust me. But.. there needs to be a time in our lives that we need to focus of ourselves and care about the world and where we live and such. Theres more to life than drugs and drinking and getting high..

    Seriously and if you cannot think there isn’t that that’s the issue. That’s totally the issue and my point in where im getting at.

    You should always want to grow old and learn things inside and out and keep on striving in life and such.


    The world has built such an amazing place to live in and it hurts so bad that drug dealers just want to deal with getting people hooked. And taking their money..


    What are people even doing with all the money that goes into our drugs and shit here on earth? Money cars and clothes?


    I have a big message for all the dealers out there.. youre ruthless. You don’t care about peoples lives. You don’t care about nothing but your own. Youre such a fucking prick. I hope youre using your own products and such and dealing with the nightmares of addictions yourself. Ive known a few drug dealers to drop dead themselves. From drive bys to drug use.. don’t think you can get away with shit your whole fucking life. Cause the amount of early deaths you’ve cause and such for the pretty green paper will catch up with you in hell. Straight the fuck up it will theres a special place in hell for people that sell drugs to people. You will not like it. Little nicky but 1000 times worse. And you don’t get reentry.