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living on my own

  • So living on my own… is a whole new ball game for me.. I legit have no one to do the dishes for me.. hahah fuck adulting.. who knew being an adult was so damn fucking achy and hard.. theres chores to be done day in and day the fuck out and the damn stupid fucking trash doesn’t refill itself. Ive learned that real damn quickly. Mommy and daddy did it all for me and doing all this shit on my own seems like I cannot keep up with keeping my damn house clean. I guess you could say I took everything they actually did for me for granted. But I appreciate all they did for me throughout the years fully. As ive ventured the fuck off into the jungle for myself. Its for sure a bitch.. I mean while I was living with my parents I didn’t have much responsibility but now that im on my fucking own which I truly god damn fucking hate like a bitch im realizing the dishes don’t even do them themselves which I wish they fuck they fucking god damn did. And you actually have to get up off your fucking ass and make yourself a stupid sandwich every fucking stupid fucking day. Which really fucking sucks cause who wants to make their own sandwich bitch. The bathtub really doesn’t clean itself… and no one is there to clean your toilet or bring you tp or a fucking drink… all those things actually require you getting the fuck up off your fucking ass.. thank god my dad still does the food shopping for me cause I swear to damn im losing my shit doing everything my fucking stupid self. I wish I had my own personal made. Maybe one day I will make it too god damn fucking big with my writings and my blogs and my memes and my stupid videos could you guess that I didn’t know wtf to wear…one day I will learn to do my own laundry or be able to fucking pay someone once a damn fucking month to wash my soiled fucking clothes cause I truly do hate that shit. Theres some aspects of me being an adult that I will not get the fuck over with. Like who really wants to fucking buy their own tampons and tp and tooth paste. Don’t you wish or fuck it I at least wish when I was a fucking kid my mommy would hover over me making sure I brushed my teeth and I really miss that cause having depression is no joke when it is time to adult and I really don’t feel like buying my own tooth brushes the fuck ever I could care less if my teeth go to shit cause something has got to fucking kill me.. so I just don’t care.. if my house is messy its well lived in and if theres dishes to fucking do oh the fuck well I will get to them when I want to get up off my fucking ass I wish one day for a portable dish washer cause being a fat kid and having to buy your own paper plates is disturbing when you have to buy everything yourself. Capitalism as an adult can take a flying fucking stupid fucking leap out the window because its only torturing us all. If everything was just giving to us by the “ARMY” since they pretend already to serve so much… I mean why not die for the people by doing things actually for them instead of fucking off into the abyss lands Americans cannot dare go to.. I mean… its just utter shit they should be here licking our assholes as they claim they do but in other counties… they want to serve so why not serve us here?      

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