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  • Aftercare.
    I know most people know what sub drop is, but for the few who don’t, I’ll explain.
    Sub drop is what happens to your body after you’ve drained your brain of all the hormones and chemicals that are released during a scene or session.
    Meaning, after you‘ve come down from your high, you start to feel mentally and emotionally attacked from what just happened. You start to think about all these bad things about yourself and how someone normal would not find what just occurred pleasurable in any way.
    That’s why aftercare is important. Showering your sub in compliments, food, cuddle sessions. Just stuff that will make them feel like you care and that you don’t judge them for enjoying what they like.
    Another thing, I’m positive that most people don’t know is what to drop is. It’s the same as sub drop but it affects doms/dommes.
    I know some people will be like- “Doms/dommes don’t go through that, nothing like that bothers them.” That’s where you’re wrong.
    Remember we’re all human so no one is exempt from feeling used or feeling disgusted with their actions even though they shouldn’t be.
    Not many know this but being a dom/domme is exhausting. A good top plans physical punishments or sexual scenes down to the T so there is no room for accidents and after all that planning and executing said plan they sometimes feel bad for doing what they did or even feel used in a sense.
    That’s why aftercare is important for both parties. Show them that you care and that you appreciate what they did. Reassure them that they didn’t hurt you in a bad way and that they only did what they did to help you grow. ASK THEM IF THEY’RE OKAY!! Especially right after a session.
    That can be the difference between showing that you care or not.
    He is beyond supportive even sacrificing in our day to day just so I can succeed.
    The man who shows me he loves me deeply every day wanting my happiness to come before his own........
    He is patient with me.
    The man who worships every inch of my body and gives me the strength to learn to love it too.......

    He is proud to call me his and delights in showing me off. The man who protects me passionately without a second thought........He pushes me to be the ultimate version of myself.

    We all have our tough days. Sometimes we feel majorly burnt out, some more than others.
    I describe myself as an introverted extrovert. I have both qualities of being both a people person and wanting to sneak into my little hole and not be disturbed.
    You're not being selfish for wanting to have time to yourself. It's what you need and you're doing it for you. So many of us forget that this is a choice we can make.

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