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I dreamt of a volcano.

  • If you could see me now.
    live life like a fire, drawing faces and hands and bodies to your warmth and light, drawing us, drawing me, and sometimes we must shield our eyes from your blazing light, but always we will turn back to you as moths, smiling.
    She's got her feet in the mud, she's reaching for darkness.
    His arms are like snakes.
    Words are gone and all that’s left is you and I, standing face to face, bare, bodies on fire, souls aligned.
    He feeds me his power to survive! In the arms of the devil, I thrive.
    Some nights are spent in a dark cave, damp chill spilling bumps down my arms, dim moss on stone my only cradle, unfamiliar chittering echoes large or small.
    This is your moment -you live here. let’s live life like a fire –burst into scorching flames and burning fierce love, then to sultry embers radiant and low in the ground.
    You must devour the being you have enraptured under your dark, sacred watch. The denuded trees groan, skeletal branches threatening to snap.
    The backlash and the backsplash Of an erupted volcano You burn in the volcanic ash While they sit and watch it flow.
    The wind screamed, bringing frigid rain from the north. The sun never shone today.
    She had gazed upon the fire in my chest, A volcano of love spewing into you and The seed of resentfulness grew A fabricated love once felt by her Now just avoid
    The sky stayed grey. When night falls, the lights flicker as power lines sway.
    Does that black hold a figure? A tunnel? A wall?
    If I muddle through, will I find unending darkness?
    Or an exit? A refuge? A home?
    It’s dusk, I hold something fragile in my hands.
    It trembles at my touch even though I’ve not harmed.
    The knives of its past have caused wounds so deep. I’ve barely scratched the surface. Most nights I can’t reach deeper.
    She's got her feet in the mud, she's reaching for the hurt.
    Everything you've ever been has brought you here.
    Lift your face, lift your foot, and take your next step to it. You see me and the devil are the same.
    It is buried deep down under. Gripping his arms and digging my nails in.

    The day was breaking the sky the moon was still hanging high.
    People walking by not noticing a thing.
    The sky seems violent oh I mean vibrant. I know you will handle me with a firm but gentle grip.
    That you will hold me with tenderness and care, yet your grip will be tight enough to keep me from falling.
    There’s a vulnerability in its eye, and I’ve only just caught a glimpse of what’s beneath the skin. You can only hope to heal pain like this...
    If I could take it away with simply a touch,
    I’d have done so without hesitation, my past sears through me like fire through my veins. I know pain like this... I’ve felt pain like this...
    She kissed him and transfer the energy to bring him
    back alive!
    The way your eyes take me in leaves me breathless.
    I give myself into your care because I trust that you will look after me as the most precious of your possessions. Just as I promise to cherish you.
    When I look at you I will not focus on either your growing edges or your strength. I will see you in your entirety and strive to help you see what I do.
    I believe you will see me in ways I cannot see myself. That your perspective of me will see what I am and what I can become.
    We'll get lost in all of paradises exploration
    come to lay with me on the moon naked and undressed.
    I want you to tell me when I am wrong, just as I will hold you accountable. I want us to grow together and not apart.
    My special place away from my troubles where magical things happen.
    I turn my gaze towards you so that you can listen to me.
    You have unleashed this feral creature within a refined little body that needs to break for you and be offered for your nourishment.
    Just give me the illusion I’m flying as I fall down
    the breeze
    Me and the dragon.
    Rules that drove her to perform as a way of life
    to striving, fighting, denying and hiding as a means to survive…

    She is me

    Skin and flesh and bones.

    Bruises and blood and scars.

    Pretty reminders that I was capable.
    What lies at this moment - and ahead.
    I am the breath that leaves your lungs the adrenaline that makes you shake.
    I am the fear that grows in you, trapped with no way to escape.
    I am the inner voice that tells you to cut, to take the anger away. 
    I see you I am everywhere a phantom, that lies deep-rooted in you
    I am the fuel for your rage, the animal caged, the frightened child made of fire.
    When trapped like you was, a puny child, oh so weak.
    I am the spark that is waiting to flare.
    I Live in the adrenaline surging through you, the real monster, born of hated and sin. 
    I will cut through you like butter, to stop your heart when it flutters.
    I take the pain and use it for fuel, Enough left to throw in when you are trapped deep within, a victim of my malice, I am king in this palace.
    Until I burn with fury and tear you apart, limb by limb
    I don’t fucking care!!!

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