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Bye to 2021! This means to same people involved.

  • Tarot card reading Taurus! Everything is starting to be understood! I know I have a decision to make! I think I already know my answers to this prediction! I have to be with someone who’s crazy about me. I don’t accept the bare minimum!! BECAUSE I SAY NO! So, please, do both of us a favour. If you're tired of me, leave me alone.
    Plenty of girls will accept the bare minimum. I’m just not one of them.
    If you want me in your life, you’ll do what it takes to keep me.

    We can make an informed decision, whether we want to stay or run.
    Do not introduce me to a vibe, that you can't maintain.
    Do not pretend to be capable of consistency. if you can't!!
    (if you do this, you introduce a woman), to a false representation.
    "You can't come at her for trying to change you back."
    Do not let us waste our time, hoping that you are gonna be the man you pretended to be.
    You are the one who gave me the idea! that you are capable of being that man."I didn't work out this on my own."
    (if you don't like what I am saying) then you're fucking guilty of it. Case closed!