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Since this is so important! People sending me bad vibes!

  • The fake accounts looking for information! Everything you think about me is hidden!
    I am not angry about the spotlight! It's about time my life changes! Gets more balanced!
    My positive outcome! I get my independence!
    Nothing ever gets addressed at the right time. I am so tired of that! Angry annoyed!
    And I never knew you would come back.
    I never knew how fucked up, I was!!
    I hate the arguments.
    You deserve to find someone who can give you fun, Life's fulfilment.

    I have so much going on! I don't know what the future holds.
    I have been on a healing journey only for my children.
    Moving to Ireland! I already can see this future.
    There's a chance this is Work-related! And finding My children forever home.

    The toxic energy that has been created!
    It's manifesting! I can feel it.
    I can feel all the swords. I am in a bubble! I can't get out?
    how many people are sending this to me?

    I am tho very sure of being a single parent!
    This feels positive.
    I feel more motivated on this path.
    That's my truth! My children are my life.
    I would do anything for them! Looking for peace in Ireland! looking for balance in my life!
    The better energy and the Hardworking.
    Making sure my kids have everything they need.

    Then finding my truth! The identity that I lost two years ago.
    I loved the spotlight but It caused a lot of problems in my life.
    I have forgotten to have fun.
    My ex-girlfriend wants another chance again.
    What isn't happening!
    Her toxic behaviours I already decided! she's not being a part of it.
    Those who are ghosting me! Sending screenshots to certain people! Here's the closure! My bad! My life is this complicated!
    I am not putting any more effort in where it's not wanted.

    Ireland sounds like a clean slate for me.
    A promise to my mum before she died!

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