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Underneath the shadow. Far beyond the trees. Here I lie in the

  • I've been having this reoccurring dream. A chance at living.
    The voices echo.
    You came to me in my sleep last night. As I toss and turn. As if he had my guts.
    He was kneeling beside me, a beautiful human. 
    Your smile turns my thoughts into ribbons.
    Then the hairs on the back of my neck stood up straight.
    I open my eyes and lay on the earth.
    I opened my eyes, mesmerized by the shadows of wings and claws dancing across my skin.
    I imagine in slow motion.
    What next?
    My thoughts send me wild but I never want them to end…..
    It was soft with a languid and almost seductive air to it.
    He comes to me in my dreams, the handsome man with the seductive voice.
    It sends shivers down my spine and goose pimples appear like an electric shock.
    And the pain.
    And the fear.
    And the panic.
    The anticipation making me breathless. There is only one thought.
    He was a full beast, revealed in his true nature, a side I'd never seen before.
    “Dreaming Awoke” I'm not even sure who you are, but you came to me in my dreams last night. I can hear it.
    In my thoughts. In my dreams. This couldn't possibly be happening? He crawled up over me and I turned my head away, closing my eyes as I lay helpless.
    We looked immortal.
    I didn't resist for fear his claws would pierce my flesh and went limp as he had his way.
    My head spins in that weird mixture of deep satisfaction.
    I'm instantly at the edge again.
    I saw you rise in the darkness. Why are you so good and so bad?
    I didn't dare open my eyes, squeezing them tight against the sight of him.