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Wake me.

  • Where no eyes can see...I'm not ready for this.
    it's a eat situation.
    There's no more time to waste...
    I felt increasingly nervous.
    Wake me.
    He ached for her deep down inside.
    Waiting for the moonlight.
    You clear your mind.
    All around there is no sound In this frozen wilderness.
    I took a deep breath out from behind a tree.
    The darkness ....the lightness and everything in between.
    I feel like I’m on another planet.
    Drives me. As I close my eyes. Consumes me.
    Something evil...
    When my demons come out to play.
    "WHAT?" my eyes widened as I started to understand what he had in mind.
    His head tilted to the left and I followed him. 
    Naked, frozen and restrained to a tree.
    I could see my breath.
    He never stopped. He kept pulling the rope around my arms.
    The air was so cold that my breath was exposed
    "I can't. I really can't. FUCK!"
    I'm watching from behind a tree, And I see him ...His movements.
    I noticed! He looks miserable.

    I'll push the limit.
    I see an opportunity to quietly crawl away...
    Beneath the blue. Learn to breathe underwater to survive.
    Teach your soul to swim. It's killing you for sure.
    They won't save you.
    Don't drown yourself learn to breathe and smile with life.
    In my head-trying to forget.
    I want to crawl out of my skin. How it does persist.
    I didn't escape, after all, I am still tied to a tree.
    And that I am not going anywhere, anytime soon.
    I closed my eyes.
    How wicked does one have to be?
    And snow lies all around.
    It’s really hard for us to just quit.
    I tried to run, you caught me.
    So bring it on.
    The voices echo.
    It's difficult to hide.
    Trying not to scream.
    Although why there would be incubi with dragons.
    There is something deep in us that screams.
    Swim as fast as you can, Far away-don't drown.
    I wanna live within. Keep your legs straight.
    A twisted way to get some thrill!
    So at the stroke of midnight.
    He has me all fucked up.
    I feel everything.
    No air.
    Trying to exist.
    Breathe. As the rush comes. All I knew was darkness.
    Tied to a tree. Going brittle in the storm...
    How fucking sinister? I feel it coming.
    We fight and scream until our throats hurt.
    As the rush comes.
    A fantasy world.
    As it ends, the euphoria does not

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