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Yoga practice!

  • Early Rise Yoga! I did it! I got back into my early morning yoga routine.
    Shibari practice! flexibility makes the posturing limitless! Hard work. In lots of space. Epic experiences! is to observe every interaction and decide whether the interaction is asking you to look closely at yourself and own something, or to look closely at yourself and acknowledge it's about the
    Different kinds of Yoga In Different kinds of spaces.
    sacral chakra focus.
    Practising my headstand and the only thing on my mind. Pretty Intense. Increases focus and balance. experience of our human nature. I still have much to learn" had this in my practice" even before I ever "had" a practice. Practice stillness. Different kinds of energies. Stag forearm stand.... exhibitionist?
    Wrapping my arms in front of me helps open the back of the lungs, increasing the ability to breathe deeply.
    I’m becoming increasingly aware of my size right now.

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