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let's have some fun,,, with everyone else's words

  • You say you're going to block someone and never talk to them again. I predicted you'd be blowing up their posts with comments in about 2 days.... you're existence is a nuisance. Funny how GW only lets you block someone by going to their profile. This feature needs to be changed. less - ?????a loL WHO

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    xShiroiKokoro InternetCaveman I didn't realize who that was until about a week ago. I guess she keeps making new accounts to avoid the blocks. - You would be wrong, whicj is surprising, as I always felt you would be able to figure out who was actually behind this (OP, for his NWO)
    20 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro BrianOmen She has had so many accounts. If GW doesn't do what I asked I'll just do a few things to get floozy firepuss all worked up and maybe she'll headbutt a train. - ???? literally name them and teach me, cause i have no fuckin idea what you're talking about
    19 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro IntraVenus She uses the name of “vinyl” on the beta site. So I was told. I guess when that place becomes populated is when you’ll see more of her alts. - No, I don't, straggler.
    19 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro xShiroiKokoro Desperate straggler thot lmao - Control your floppy ass tits, MoonMoon.
    19 hours ago
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    xShiroiKokoro Tyrannical4Teabags Man, I haven't seen a lineup that witchy since the Tate/La Bianca killings. What a bunch of fucking freaks! - That's great, idk who any of those fucking people are, including the alts lmfao
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    xShiroiKokoro BrianOmen It's your Jewicide Squad hombre. You have us at your command.
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    xShiroiKokoro Tyrannical4Teabags Funny thing is, that basket case thinks I'm in cahoots with everyone on that list when I can only tolerate 2 or 3 of you at the most.
    1 likes this. · 3 hours ago - Aren't u tho ?
    xShiroiKokoro BrianOmen I know I'm one of three. - Yes, the cripple they regrettably saved from the mountainside..
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    xShiroiKokoro Tyrannical4Teabags You'll always have a special place in my blackened jaded heart! - Not the smartest choice, but ok. You know, where _is_ his ex, i need 5o ask her something
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    xShiroiKokoro BrianOmen I totally fished for that... I'm a pisces though so I can anytime I want.
    3 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro unnecessaryevil You are a Jew! You are only in Cahoots with the NWO!
    2 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro Tyrannical4Teabags If she'd mentioned you, we definitely would be swapping spit in the showers!
    2 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro unnecessaryevil I hate you! *shudders
    Thanks for the image!
    2 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro Tyrannical4Teabags Homophobe!
    2 hours ago
    xShiroiKokoro BrianOmen NWOmen. - It literally collapsed before you could put your fancy fur coat on to gloat about it, gn sweet prince
    38 minutes ago